Shoe Dyeing and Leather Handbag Restoration

1) What types of materials do you dye?

We dye most types of materials including leather and fabric. I do not dye suede or patent. All have different pro's and con's which is explained in our Dyeing Information Section (See Above). While suede will take the dye we advise against the dyeing  of suede for various reasons

2) Is the Dye Permanent?

The dye used is designed to be permanent and water resistant this can be depended on the leather itself, all effort is made to make sure the dye penetrates succesfully and when complete is waterproofed and protected to provide against everyday wear and tear and normal conditions for example excessive rain or alcohol will damage any shoe wether it has been protected or not.  If the dye ever runs or fades i advise you to return it and i will look after it and see where the issue might be.  I can redo it sometimes at no cost or sometimes at a minimal cost depending on a number of factors ie how long they were done previous or what damage has been personally caused

3) How do i know if my shoe is dyeable?

With 50 years experience on all types of shoes we are able to give good advice on what the outcomes may be when assessing your shoes, if neither party are comfortable with the risks or issues that may arise we will not proceed.  Some fabric shoes will state if they are dyeable or not. 

4) How Long does the process take?

The Dyeing process can vary but as a guide it is generally between 7 -14 days due to demand etc.  We do our utmost to accomodate all requests within reason but please be aware that a minimum of 3 days is required.  Information on times and prices will be given upon receiving shoes.  The handbags can take anywhere from 2-6 weeks depending on the job. 

5) How much does it cost?

The price varies from shoe to shoe due to complexity (like the removal of fixtures etc) or other issues that may arise but in general as a guide the prices range from 30 euro. Generally Designer shoes will be priced at 60euro.  Knee high boots can go up to 70euro.  Prices will be given and clearly agreed upon before dyeing commences.  Bags are costed on a case by case basis but a bag being dyed to another colour can cost up to 150euro

6) Can i do it myself?

Of course, we always encourage people to do the shoes themselves.  Naturally its cheaper and most of our dyes are available to sell ranging in price from 5.95euro up to 11.50euro.  You will get all the advice and tips you need to be succesful

7) What Colours are available?

We have over 100 colours (See Chart) for both leather and satin  available and are able to mix and match to achieve that perfect colour

8) How accurate is the Colour Matching?

When it comes to colour matching, we NEVER guarantee colour matching without having an actual sample of the color you want matched. In addition to providing a sample, you must specify how you want us to match the colour with respect to the light source (indoor vs. outdoor). It is almost impossible to be a 100% accurate due to the nature of dyeing and the materials involved but every effort is made to match your chosen colour


9) Do i need a swatch?

No it is not essential as long as you are comfortable with the colour chart and the advice given, however if you are very particular and require 100% accuracy of colour it may be required especially if sent by post


10) Do you Dye Handbags?

Yes we do and now offer a comprehensive service on the cleaning and restoration of leather handbags.  This is a specialist service and is priced accordingly.  Small satin bags to match shoes sometimes can also be dyed but will depend on the type of satin (nylon, polyester, silk etc) not all of these are possible or produce satisfactory results

11) How do i get started?

Drop into our shop Isaac Jackman Shoe Repairs based in Dublin 2 with your shoes or bag and a swatch if availble and let us take care of the rest, alternatively if you can not make it up to the shop post them to us from anywhere in the country with your contact details and upon receiving them we will contact you and discuss the job, when the work is complete we will post them back to you. We also offer a door to door courier service in Dublin (extra cost) and a free collection within Dublin's City Centre.

Opening Hours Mon - Fri 7.30am - 6pm and Sat 9am - 2pm 

Contact Andrew or Isaac on 01-4754832

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