Shoe Dyeing and Leather Handbag Restoration
Dyeing Information
Dyeing Information

C&D Shoes has been in the shoe repair and shoe dyeing business for over 50 years and developed a vast knowledge of products and materials with outstanding results.  As the shoe industry has evolved and moved along so have we as we constantly research and try products from all over the globe to get the best product for you the consumer.  We are fully aware that shoes are precious to both women and men and that the idea of dyeing can be daunting and comes with a sense of nervousness, be assured that we have researched the best products and offer a professional service with an attention to detail not to be matched.  We want you to feel comfortable, we offer lots of advice pre dyeing so your fully aware of all outcomes, we also offer the dyes for sale for D.I.Y purposes if cost or time is an issue. 

Currently the majority of our work involves designer shoes mainly wedding shoes from the likes of Jimmy Choo, Manolo Blahnik, Christian Louboutin etc.(see gallery), shoes which could be worth in excess of 600euro so it's clear our current customer base is confident with us and happy with the results.  However we would like to make all customers aware that the attention to detail and care is provided the exact same on all shoes and we welcome all types mens and womens.

The dye we use is from the world's leading shoe dye company which has been around since the 1940's and have continually improved to master colours and texture.  The Dye is waterproof and permanent and we also provide a comprehensive after service to ensure you get great value for your money.

The three common shoe materials are leather, fabric (silk, canvas etc.) and suede each has there own pro's and cons which we'll explain in more detail when we you drop by. Here's a few insights to dyeing

The dyeing of leather is depended on the finish of the leather this has nothing to do with quality or price but how it is treated, this means leather carries a great risk because of the unknown.   For best results it is better to go from light to dark (ie. a beige shoe going blue will have a better success rate than trying to dye a black shoe beige). Leather can be difficult to work with when trying to remove stains but it is possible and also there is the full range of colours (See Chart).  Leather generally has a finish to it (oily, wax, shiny) it is the removal of this finish that will contribute to the success of the dyeing as the dye needs to penetrate the leather. We have all the relevant products to carry this out, it does carry a greater risk than fabric though but this will be explained in great detail before work is carried out.  As regards cleaning and removing stains i strongly advise the if you stain your bage or shoes with ink or grease get it in straight away as these stains normally wont remove if absorbed in the leather for a few months

Is generally the best material and the easiest to work with.  Full range of colours available for fabric. Any issues may arise from stains pre dyeing which we generally remove. Wedding Shoes White and Ivory etc. definitely produce the best results.  Shoes which have been previously dyed or are not white or ivory are not recommended for dyeing as it is impossible to colour match from chart.

Please note that with fabric the colour may fade slightly over time if this arises dont worry we offer a comprehensive after service policy which involves renovating them if required generally at a minimal cost. We also sell products to maintain colour

Suede can be dyed but only comes in a few colours mainly Navy, Black and Brown.  Problems with suede are that it absorbs alot of dye which in turn can be costly and time consuming.  Also in dyeing Suede you run the risk of losing the nap (the furry look) especially the more dye you use.  We generally advise against dying suede and no longer do suede ourselves as the risk is too great that the end product isn't satisfactory, the only option is DIY

Important Information:

By nature Dyeing anything involves risk due to the vast range of materials and colours etc. so we want to make it clear that all dyeing will be undertaken at the customers own risk. With regards to Colour Matching a swatch may be required and whilst the greatest care is taken to match your colour it may not be 100% accurate.  Any slight variants between two materials will show up when trying to match a colour for example a peach cashmere scarf and a peach satin shoe will shoe up very different due to the difference between them the sheen of the shoe as oppose to the dullness of the scarf.  Light again is another important factor as natural light is very different to artifical lighting again every effort will be made to obtain the right result.  Any damage or stains on shoes may still remain, we will however do our utmost to remove or fix any damage firstly.  Stains such as ink or oil located on handbags and shoes may be removed but can cause discolouring during the process, when the stain is removed the bag may lose colour under the stain and need to be recoloured to match rest of the bag, this can be timely and expensive.  Now you know the have the background information we invite you to Come Dye With Us........

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